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104                               LIFE  OF
seems.,  proceeded into the interior of Paraguay, in.
1S20? to visit an Indian colony which he had founded
at St. Anna, on the eastern whores of the river Para-na.
Scarcely had ho arrived at St. Anna than ho wus sur-
rounded by soldiers, who carried him off a prisoner
and took him to  St. Marthas after having1 destroyed
the plantations of the colony.    This violent proceed-
ing was a revenge of selfishness which, took place by
command of Dr. Francia, dictator of Paraguay.    The
latter had long cast a jealous eye on the ton planta*
tions   which   Bonpland   had   established   on   several
points of Brazil, for the tea plant is peculiar to Para-
guay, and foims the staple export of the country.   His
first command was, therefore, to seize on, his rival Bon-
pland, on his next visit to the boundaries of Paraguay,
The prisoner was detained at St Martha,, whero ho was
allowed liberty of person, and was permitted to prac-
tise as a doctor.    When Alexander von Humt>oldt
heard of this attack on his friend, he was untiring* hi
his intercessions with all his high patrons and friendH,
but his efforts had no effect in Paraguay.    In the
year 1829, the news arrived that Bonpland hud at-
tained his liberty, and had returned bo Buenos Ayroa
In September, 1S18, Alexander von Humbpldt pro-
ceeded to London, where his brother William had
resided   for  a  year  as   Prussian  Ambassador,   and
been particularly active at his post, for the suppres-
sion of piracy in the northern states of Africa and the
extinction of the slave trade.    But Alexander von
Humboldt's presence in London was not to bo merely a
fraternal visit, as it was seven years earlier in "Vienna,
especially as William. Js wife had remained in Berlin
on account of illness.    The Allied Powers had com-
missioned him to compose a political survey of the
South American colonies.    But in October the King
of Prussia summoned him to Aix-la-Chapelle, whore
he arrived on the 13th of the month,, and remained
with the king till  the 26th November.     Here his
new plan of a journey to Thibet and the Malayan
Archipelago was  spoken  of, and the king  granted